Yoga for Balance and Harmony is a course focusing on practices that develop balance and coordination in the body, harmonise the nervous system and the currents of prana (vital force), and thereby induce a sense of balance and harmony in the mind and emotions as well.

While the first stage of the course is suitable for all levels, complete beginners may find it easier after first completing Yoga for Loosening, Healing and Repair where all the elements of yoga practice are elaborated on from the ground up.

Balance and harmony on the physical, mental, and emotional levels

Live online course starts on 19 September 2022, and will go on in two cycles of 8 weeks each (with breaks during major holidays), on Monday evenings at 6:15PM.

Balancing asanas, pranayama, and an alternating combination of deep relaxation and yogic meditation to develop balance and harmony on the physical, mental, and emotional levels.

This is the most comprehensive, all-inclusive regular class on the Living Yoga Project network. Techniques taken from hatha and raja yoga are blended with elements of yogic lifestyle and powerful mantras, to create an evolving, complete practice:

  • Many of the asanas are done in standing, developing balance and not requiring a mat,
  • Over two 8-week periods, you will get a comprehensive foundation in the science of pranayama, learning how to
    – balance the nervous system,
    – streamline the body’s energy management,
    – improve the functioning of the immune system,
    – enhance your physical and mental abilities.
  • Deep relaxation in several forms and degrees of intensity, to suit your needs. Learning to relax consciously is one of the best gifts one can give oneself in today’s world of constant stress and stimulation.
  • Several different practices of meditation will be introduced, to increase awareness (mindfulness), focus, and provide an opportunity to temporarily disconnect from the external world and recharge our inner batteries.
  • Small practical hints for additional “homework” will be recommended, to make the best possible use of the practices done during classes and at home.
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