Nāda Yoga

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What is Nada Yoga?

Yoga has always known about the healing and transformative power of sound, as well as the intimate connection between sound and form. Nāda refers to sound that is transcendental: not caused by anything, but itself being the cause of everything. Shabda brahman: God is sound.

In yoga, sound is used mainly as part of mantra yoga – as chanting and devotional singing – but also in other ways, such as the swara sadhana practice where the notes of a musical scale are sung in combination with focussed awareness. This has profound effects on the physical and mental state, and leads to deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and calming of mental activity.

The power of mantras is such that when practised with regularity, sincerity, and intensity of focus, they slowly, gradually, but most definitely bring about a complete positive transformation of the entire personality, freeing the mind from even the most stubborn negative conditioning, self-doubt, and other limitations.

In the Living Yoga Project, you can experience both of these approaches to using sound in yoga, and learn how to incorporate nada yoga into your daily routine in a way that best suits your goals, inclinations, and time available.

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