Yoga as Sound

Nāda Yoga | Yoga as Sound

Mantras for healing, protection, peace and transformation

at Yoga Vidya Berlin Mitte, Saturday 29 – Sunday 30 April 2023

Mantras bring instant relief from stress, anxiety, hopelessness, and feelings of weakness and insufficiency. However, far from this therapeutic effect, these sounds have the power to completely transform a person’s inner personality, discover and remove negativity and limitations, and open the mind to new ideas, creativity, vibrant peace and spontaneous joy.

However, they are also very subtle compared to the more physical techniques of yoga, and so the emphasis on correct practice is even greater than in other yogic systems.

In this short seminar you will experience the effects of different mantras on the mind, emotions, and the physical body.
They will be chanted aloud, silently, sung and repeated – and you will also get a brief introduction to the principles of each of these practices.

On Saturday evening, you will also have the unique opportunity to participate in a havan, a fire ceremony so ancient it will take you right to the beginnings of human civilisation.
This wonderful and touching practice is used to not only purify the inner being of the participants, but also to realign ourselves with the natural environment and contribute in a little way towards the reestablishment of natural equilibrium that we so consistently violate in modern daily life.

To learn more and to book, visit Yoga Vidya’s website. Alternatively, contact us for more information.

Says Swami Sivananda Saraswati:

“A mantra is a mass of radiant energy. It generates and accelerates the creative force and can bestow supernatural powers. Spiritual life needs harmony in all parts of our being. The whole being must be in perfect ease and in tune with the divine and then alone can the spiritual truth be realised. The mantra produces this harmony. When awakened, it has the power of revealing cosmic and supra-cosmic consciousness and bestowing on the aspirant joy, illumination, freedom, supreme peace, eternal bliss and immortality.”