Chanting for Peace

Saturdays (bi-weekly) 6 – 7 PM

Since time immemorial, the Mahamrityunjaya mantra has been used to bring about health, strength, inner peace, happiness, and ultimately liberation.

When chanted with sincerity and regularity, these vibrations create a powerful force that removes darkness in all its forms, and helps establish harmony within oneself, one’s immediate as well as wider environment, and the world at large.

Today more than ever, the world is in dire need of positivity, balance and harmony. There is an increasing need for the goodness inherent in the self of all beings to be continually encouraged in its eternal fight against the demoniacal forces of the arrogant ego, whether on the personal, communal, or global levels.

This is why Chanting For Peace, a new series of mantra chanting has been established: the more of us join as often as possible, the more positivity we will bring into the world. We can channel the energy generated by the mantras by focussing on the people and places most in  need of help, and by developing a selfless sankalpa (resolve) to help them in the same way that one would want to help oneself, or one’s near and dear ones.

Each session of Mahamrityunjaya mantra chanting will be followed by a short kirtan (mantras in the form of music), which helps elevate the mind and make it lighter and less prone to respond to negativity.
The words of the kirtan this evening will be screen-shared during each session.

Let us all increase positivity, balance, happiness and harmony in the world more and more, day by day, as much as possible.


The event is and will remain free. However, if you wish to support our efforts, you can make use of this PayPal link.

While there will be occasional unavoidable breaks in the video series from time to time, you are encouraged to continue the daily sadhana uninterrupted, for which you can make use of the videos that will remain on YouTube.