Yoga for Peace, Focus, and Sound Sleep

A 16-week progressive course

Gentle, easy-to-do, and effective methods to unwind, destress, and clear your mind through

  • simple movements and gentle asana (postures)
  • using your breath to calm the nervous system
  • the practice of mudra (yogic “gestures” or “attitudes”)
  • progressive practices for the focussing of your mind and eliminating sources of tension
  • techniques of deep relaxation and awareness-boosting meditation

All of this is done at a very gradual pace, and you can always revisit practice sequences from other parts of the course.

This type of practices is suitable for every type of ability, any age, most health conditions.
However, certain mental health issues may present contraindications. Additionally, if you suffer from high blood pressure, you will have to omit practices where there is breath retention, or where the head is lowered below the body.

If unsure if this course is for you, contact us for more information.