Pranayama: The Fundamentals

Pranayama is the second stage of Hatha Yoga, after asana, and its purpose is defined by its name: prāṇāyāma is the boosting and expansion (ayaama) of the vital and mental forces (called “prana”). This is done through a combination of internal and external breath retention, “locking” various parts of the body (“bandha”), and intense mental focus.

Yet, to become able to directly manipulate our life force in this way, it is quite necessary to first get to know our breathing process and the relationship between breath, body and mind, as well as to get a solid degree of control over our breathing. This preparation is one of the main goals of this course.

However, the practices taught in this course are not only capable of providing this preparation for more “serious” pranayama: simple as they are, they all have profound effects on the body, the mind-body connection, and our general state of health and vitality.

You will learn all these techniques in the context of varied asana sequences, specially selected to enhance your pranayama experience, as well as  meditation and deep relaxation, all of which are necessary to properly relax the body and to bring the mind to a state of natural focus and introspection.