Pranayama and Meditation: The Foundations

WEDNESDAYS 7:00-8:00 PM (UK time)
19 OCT – 7 DEC 2022

Sometimes a step back is required before we step forwards. Any yoga sadhana must be systematic, progressive and sustainable! If we hit a wall in our practice, or as Patanjali expressed it, an inability to experience more subtle states – it is often simply because we have not prepared properly. 

In these few weeks, we will revisit some of the foundational pre-pranayama practices that are essential to ensure there is an effortless use and control of the breath and breathing muscles and a gradual deepening of the awareness to perceive connection between body, senses, prana and mind. 

We will explore nine-part breathing, how to establish equal rhythmic breathing, the use of mantra in pranayama, meditation as an attitude of stillness on all levels and other simple yet profound aspects of practice.

Sessions will be audio recorded and made available for home practice. If you wish to do the course, I would suggest you commit to using it as basis for sadhana at least for the duration of the course.