Yoga for Loosening, Healing and Repair

This course provides a solid foundation for yoga practice, as well as having its own value as a method of self-healing and recovery. The vast majority of the practices that we will go through can be done by anyone regardless of their age, mobility, level of fitness, or proficiency in yoga.

Complete beginners will get all they need to start their journey, and more experienced students who have been practising in other styles will get a whole new viewpoint and understanding of asana, pranayama, and so much more.

The course goes at a slow, gradual pace, and provides the essential foundations for further yoga practice by:

  • establishing and strengthening the body-mind connection. This is important for healing, safety of practice, and to focus the mind during the practice.
  • learning the art of movement and breath coordination. When this is perfected, we become more able to focus our prana, vital force, on the task at hand, and reduce physical effort significantly.
  • loosening the joints, strengthening and stretching muscles and tendons in the whole body, making more demanding yoga practices and physical activity in general safer, easier, and more effective.

As such, this course is most suitable:

  • as an introduction into yoga for those who are beginning their journey;
  • helps develop and strengthen the mind-body connection, leading to faster healing and recovery, as well as helping ensure safer, easier, and more efficient performance of more challenging and classical asanas;
  • a gentle way to practise yoga for those with reduced mobility and other issues where more strenuous practices may be contraindicated.

Included are:

  • pawanmuktasana, one of the hallmarks of the Bihar Yoga system, will form the basis of our physical practices. It consists of many different movements that loosen up the joints, reduce stiffness in the muscles and remove energy blocks that negatively affect our physical comfort as well as mental state
  • deep breathing techniques to oxygenate the body  and preparatory pranayama practices:

Live online course starts on 7 September 2022, and will go on in two cycles of 8 weeks each.