Mahesh (Ivan Pavlicek) started his yogic journey in 2005, while living in Edinburgh during a gap year off university studies back in his native Slovakia.

Instantly, yoga brought a sea change in his life and by the end of 2007, he had found his tradition of choice – the Bihar Yoga/Satyananda Yoga system – and travelled to India for his first experience of ashram life, and to receive initiation from his guru, Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati.

Three years of Yogic Studies with the Satyananda Yoga Academy – with teacher training at the end of it – and several shorter ashram visits later, Mahesh decided to leave London, UK, where he had moved just over a year earlier, and delve deeper into the nuts and bolts of spiritual life.

At the end of 2011, he travelled to India again, this time to spend three years in a fully residential Sannyasa Training, under the direct guidance of his master.

There, and in the subsequent one-year Yoga Propagation teacher training course (2018), Mahesh received the training, guidance, and inspiration for the practice and instruction of all the major yogic systems, as taught within the synthesising and all-embracing system of Bihar Yoga.


The Living Yoga Project, which was born in the midst of the Covid pandemic, is a continuous effort (hence, “project”) to promote these teachings in a way that quickly lets the practitioner experience the many transformative effects of yoga in their daily life.

It is a growing community of students of many different types, levels of proficiency, goals and needs, a place where dedicated groups are formed around specific events, topics, courses, or discussion points. Through forums and messaging, completely independent of any external social media, students can connect with the teachers and each other easily and as privately as they wish.

It is a hub where regular live events, workshops, courses, and much more serve the needs of those who wish to

  • improve the quality of their life experience,
  • (re)discover joy, satisfaction, and fulfilment in life, regardless of health, age and perceived prospects and limitations,
  • increase their physical health and vitality, flexibility and stamina,
  • tackle stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, and many other symptoms of busy modern living,
  • focus the restless mind, improve their memory and attention span,
  • find motivation, manage lethargy and fatigue and improve sexual health,
  • find a deeper meaning, come to terms with one’s place in one’s immediate environment, society, and the world/universe at large.
As the network grows, its aims and outreach will expand as well. Ultimately, the Living Yoga Project aspires to be a one-stop destination for every need and goal that can be achieved through yoga – which is almost every goal a human being can have.
For this, all members’ active participation is vital and most welcome. When sharing insights, inspiration, concerns, queries, goals, needs and aspirations, each student actively contributes to the building of a thriving community of seekers continuously supporting each other on their respective paths of self-improvement, all-round evolution, spiritual fulfilment, and freedom.
The journey begins NOW – the only time there is – and the Living Yoga Project is there for you, whenever you are ready.
Om Tat Sat