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Welcome to the
Living Yoga Project

Here you will find yoga as intended by the masters of the tradition: a complete way of life that begins with vibrant physical health, a strong nervous system, and mental and emotional balance and harmony.

It is a life of continuous growth, ever-greater freedom, creative expression, fulfilment, spontaneous joy, and the ability to withstand the trials of life.
Whatever your level of fitness, needs and goals, there will be some part of classical yoga that you can make your own, a set of tools that will help you achieve your aims and help you evolve.

The purpose of the Living Yoga Project is to help you create a bridge between where you are now and where you want to be, by adopting your own personal blend of yogic practices and attitudes and making them a natural part of your life.

Our Classes and Courses

Yoga for Peace, Focus, and Sound Sleep

Yoga for Peace, Focus, and Sound Sleep

Learn effective ways to unwind, focus your mind, and remove causes of sleep disturbances.
A 16-week progressive course in Raja and Hatha Yoga.

PRICE: £27 (lifetime access)

Pranayama: The Fundamentals

Pranayama: The Fundamentals

Breathing to boost physical and mental health & vitality.
Learning the basic elements of pranayama.

PRICE: £27 (lifetime access)

Yoga Lifestyle Foundation Course

Yoga Lifestyle Foundation Course

See what yoga is really about, and how it can help you improve your life in all dimensions.
The most comprehensive course on our platform, giving you a complete experience of yoga.
Different levels of immersion based on your preferences and time available.

PRICE: £120 (lifetime access)

Yoga of Sound

Nada Yoga

Yoga has known about the healing and transformative power of sound, as well as the intimate connection between sound and form, for thousands of years.

In fact, there is a famous statement, shabda brahman, meaning that everything that exists originates in sound.
In yoga, sound is used mainly as part of mantra yoga – as chanting and devotional singing – but also in other ways, such as swara sadhana practice where various sounds are produced in combination with focussed awareness. This has profound effects on the physical and mental state, and leads to deep relaxation, rejuvenation, and calming of mental activity.

The power of mantras is such that when practised with regularity, sincerity, and intensity of focus, they slowly, gradually, but most definitely bring about a complete positive transformation of the entire personality, freeing the mind from even the most stubborn negative conditioning, self-doubt, and other limitations.

In the Living Yoga Project, you can experience both of these approaches to using sound in yoga, and learn how to incorporate nada yoga into your daily routine in a way that best suits your goals, inclinations, and time available.


What People Are Saying

I did a ‘Living Yoga’ course with Mahesh and haven’t missed a class since then. In fact, I repeated the same course while attending to the regular classes… Mahesh is not trying to focus on doing 60 mins of Yoga as a physical activity, instead is trying to bring a system and lifestyle you can carry on also outside of the class.

Alvaro Rojo

I have found these classes very helpful. They have enabled me to establish a regular daily practice as well as helping me to improve the quality of my sleep and my overall well-being. The pace of the classes and the gradual development of the practices is exactly what I needed in order to progress.

Christine Hensby

Mahesh’s online classes are just what was needed for lock down-and beyond. Even though I had my own daily practice, these classes have “re-booted” my practice and allowed me to look at it with a refreshed perspective… My son and I are grateful to Mahesh for transforming the lock down period into an inspiring opportunity.

Mariette Labelle

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The Yoga of Wisdom

The Yoga of Wisdom

The Bhagavad Gita offers invaluable advice for the management of many of the issues we are facing in modern life. This is because while on the surface, our problems may seem a galaxy away from those at the time when the Gita was composed, internally we have not really changed all that much.
The second chapter of the Gita, one of the largest, contains some of the core teachings for the benefit of all who seek to improve the quality of their lives.

Atmabhava: How to heal a fractured world

Atmabhava: How to heal a fractured world

Selfishness seems to be ruling supreme in the world today – and often quite unapologetically so. What can we do about this powerful aspect of our personality, and finally begin to grow and flourish as a human being?

Coming Back to Pranayama

an in-person seminar with Swami Vedantananda Saraswati

Weekend of 22-23 June 2024, Harrogate

A journey into the science of pranayama, with one of the most senior masters
of Satyananda Yoga in Europe and worldwide